Founding members 

Roberto Cavallo Perin, Pierre Delvolvé, Eduardo García de Enterría, Andrew Le Sueur, Alberto Romano, Matthias Ruffert.

Ius Publicum is a network founded by the Board of Directors of the Die Verwaltung, the Diritto amministrativo, the Public Law, the Revista de Administración Pública and the Revue française de droit administratif, whose aim is to follow the evolution of public law in each country involved, pointing out its influences on the development of an administrative and public European law and its connections with other legal cultures.
The foundation act was subscribed in Madrid on April 26Th, 2010 and the Diritto Pubblico, the International Journal of Constitutional Law and the Revista de Direito Administrativo joined the network afterwards.

In addition to the links to the websites of the journals involved (area “Table of contents”) the network publishes the contributions of those who wants to present the findings of their researches to other national cultures as well as a biennial special issue published by each national Editorial Board of the members of the Network (area “Issue”).
Periodical reports and updating on the main topics of public law and relevant documents are published as well (area “News and Documents”).
The events section is also available.
Proposals to join the network submitted by journals other than the members of it are subject to the latter’s approval.

Boards of directors and editors of the Network

Board of Directors

Pierre Bon
Giuseppe Caia
Roberto Cavallo Perin
Carmen Chinchilla Marín
Francesco de Leonardis
Pierre Delvolvé
Tomás Ramón Fernández Rodríguez
Leonardo Ferrara
Eduardo García de Enterría
Paolo Lazzara
Leopoldo Mazzarolli
Franck Moderne
Cesare Pinelli
Aristide Police
Dominique Pouyaud
Margherita Ramajoli
Alberto Romano
Antonio Romano Tassone
Michel Rosenfeld
Matthias Ruffert
Maurice Sunkin
Joseph H.H. Weiler

Coordination: Gabriella M. Racca

Directors of the Network

France:Pierre Delvolvé, Dominique Pouyaud
Editorial Board
Germany:Matthias Ruffert
Editorial Board
Italy:Roberto Cavallo Perin, Cesare Pinelli
Editorial Board
Spain:Carmen Chinchilla Marín, Mª Astrid Muñoz Guijosa
Editorial Board
United Kingdom:Maurice Sunkin, Richard Cornes
Editorial Board
U.S.A.:Joseph H.H. Weiler
Editorial Board